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Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills for Autistic Teens and Adults

This is an intensive 16-week program created by UCLA. Parent or caregiver participation is required. In-person / virtual classes available. Partial scholarships are available.  See the content and requirements below.


Joseph G.

“The PEERS program not only helped me learn socialization skills but also helped me build a better relationship with my parents (who were my social coaches). After the program I feel like I am more equipped to handle life in the workforce and make friends more easily.”  

Drew C.

“During the PEERS program, I learned how to have more get-togethers and I have learned how to move out of my comfort zone. Not having had a group of friends before, it was nice becoming friends with the young adult group.” 

Shawnna H.

“I could never imagine the difference 16 weeks have made in the life of our son! He's learned so many valuable life skills in this program - taught in a way to encourage application to everyday situations. His doctor recommended a Cognitive Behavior Therapy program for him, and the PEERS program helped fit that need in so many ways. He's learned and put into practice how to handle his frustrations with easy-to-apply strategies; learned to recognize important social cues in conversation and interactions, as well as applying positive behavior approaches when certain situations may arise. I would fully recommend the PEERS program to any family with a young adult on the autism spectrum.”

Course Content

  • Conversational skills

  • How to enter and exit conversations

  • Electronic communication

  • Using humor appropriately

  • Organizing get-togethers

  • Being a good sport

  • Dating Etiquette (young adults only)

  • Handling disagreements

  • Changing a bad reputation

  • Handling teasing and bullying

Participation Requirements

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder or similar diagnosis with an IQ of 70 and above

  • Have friendship problems

  • Young adults ages 15-18 / 18-35 years old

  • Young adults must be interested in attending the program

  • Young adults must consistently attend the program

  • Young adults must voluntarily agree to participate in the program

  • Young adults must have a consistent social coach willing to attend the program each week

  • Young adults need to be able to sit through 90 minutes of instruction without distraction

If you’d like more information about joining a PEERS group, get in touch today.

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