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Visions of Hope Training Program

Visions of Hope Training Program

Visions of Hope was established to offer a secure and supportive space for teenagers and adults with autism to enhance their social skills and acquire valuable work experience, increasing their chances of securing employment. National data indicates that unemployment rates for this demographic range from 80-90%. Our unpaid internship, spanning 120 hours, is offered at no cost and involves training conducted at Dress 2 Impress Resale and nearby businesses. Since 2016, we have successfully graduated 59 interns, with a significant number transitioning to gainful employment and other fulfilling opportunities. Consider donating now to sponsor an intern!

Intern Program Outline

The intern program is designed to assist individuals with autism who need additional (social/vocational) training to gain and maintain competitive employment. The intern program features supervision through Visions of Hope staff and/or volunteers. Upon completion of the program, interns will graduate with a certificate of completion along with a portfolio including a resume and list of strengths and possible accommodations for prospective employers.

Transition Program Outline

The transition program is available to meet the needs of those students in school with autism who will not realistically move forward to competitive employment but more likely a sheltered workshop or day habilitation situation. Dress 2 Impress will be made available as a transition platform; however, supervision/training will be the responsibility of the district (para’s/volunteers). Transition students are welcome to attend the intern field trips with supervision.

Intern Program Criteria

  • Have a primary diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder

  • Be at least 15 years of age

  • Realistic potential of obtaining and maintaining competitive employment

  • Be capable of following a task list (written or visual) with minimal supervision (if additional support is needed, see below)

  • Emotional, behavioral, and psychological stability

  • Voluntarily wants to be part of the program

  • High level of motivation to complete the program and progress to employment

  • Capable of sitting through and participating in 60 minutes of instruction without disruption

Transition Program Criteria

  • Autism spectrum disorder diagnosis

  • At least 15 years of age

  • Able to work alongside a paraprofessional or aide

  • Low to high ability

  • Other criteria as requested by the district

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